Royal of the Sea

Royal of the Sea

The Royal Princess brings beautiful light to the blue depths of the ocean. Onboard the Royal Princess, you can feel like royalty yourself. The ship was christened by the Duchess of Cambridge herself in a ceremony in Southampton. This young offspring of the Princess Cruises has been bringing a spark of light to the world’s ports ever since…



Once onboard the Royal Princess you are carried with the depths of the ocean beneath your feet and the reflection of the sea surface all around you. Petra Sošťáková was inspired by the teeming life under the water’s surface, arranging marine animals in seemingly random groupings. The optical attributes of hand-blown glass components embody the water element.


Golden Pearls

Each pearl necklace can tell a story, and finding a pearl in a shell is one of the most precious experiences. Thanks to Lui Kawasumi, pearl necklaces line the entire dining area for all to enjoy.

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Petra Sošťáková

I combine innovation with tradition.