Silent Calling

Silent Calling

Inspired by the crown of Islamic architecture – the mosque - Silent Call showcases a symbiosis of art and religion. The lighting installation is inspired by the Five Pillars of Islam and may be uniquely pre-set to turn on according to its collector’s time zone and schedule.


Muezzin of Light

Lasvit cooperated with Dubai based designer Khalid Shafar to create this unique lighting sculpture with focus on the beauty of the call to prayer. Silent Call presents shapes of five famous mosques. Lasvit offers the sculpture in several sizes.



Integrating time and motion for a function beyond the aesthetic, Shafar’s sculpture showcases the deep symbolism of the number five in Islam.

The story behind the light


Light Calling

Discover the beauty of the call to prayer transformed into light.



“The five daily prayers are among the most important obligations of Islamic faith. Today’s busy world poses challenges to a worship performed in times determined by the sun. Prayer times are defined as near dawn, just after midday, in the afternoon, just after sunset and around nightfall, so the exact time changes throughout the season,” Khalid Shafar says about his inspiration for Silent Call.



Software-based Azan Clocks keep track of the prayers for travellers and worshipers inside buildings where the call to prayer may not be heard. This inspired Khalid Shafar to the idea of programming a sculpture that would silently remind worshipers of prayer times through lighting effects and motion.



The glass parts are shaped according to five iconic mosques from five different countries - UAE, Russia, Malaysia, Germany, and Denmark. The shapes of domes were transformed into silhouettes of the chandelier’s crystal components.

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Khalid Shafar

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