Sofitel Sentosa Resort & Spa


Sofitel Sentosa Resort and Spa boldly proclaims that “Life is magnifique in Singapore.” This French-based 5-star resort is located on Singapore’s Sentosa Island, at the top of a cliff that towers above Tanjong Beach. Visitors to this haven of tranquility and relaxation enjoy a friendly casual atmosphere that blends French chic with the true Gallic sense of luxury. Naturally, it offers stunning views of sunsets on the horizon.


The first source of inspiration is the gravitational attraction holding billions of stars together within spiral shaped galaxies. Its significant central core references a French nature-inspired style with its organic and floral pattern. The complex combination of clear, violet, blue, opal and frosted crystals evidences the craft mastery of Lasvit glass-makers and the versatility of hand blowing techniques.

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