Where rare flowers grow

Where rare flowers grow

In the land of fig-trees and olive oil, flowering fields are rare; but not in the new St. Regis Hotel. The hotel in Amman is filled with floral-inspired lightings made out of the most delicate Bohemian crystal.


With the purity of calla lilies

The bouquet of fresh flowers sits on the table in the centre of the lobby and right above it – an eternal bloom. The lighting installation called Calla is like a mirror of the flowers below, but it is a metal and glass blossom that never fades away.


With the grandeur of black iris...

Black iris is one of the rarest flowers in the world, displaying a unique mix of colours. It is also Jordanian national flower characterised by a it’s deep dark purple complemented by a mesmerizing lilac hue and a small white part in the very centre of the flower. Two lightings for the SPA beauty bar, and for the SPA entrance were inspired by this flower.


And with the fragility of blooming flower…

Even in the deli lounge, there is a bloom above your head. The visitors can sip their coffee, slump into a comfortable armchair and let themselves be amazed by the golden inflorescence unfolding above their heads. Giant blossom almost 2,5 meter in diameter stretch their golden petals under the deli lounge’s ceiling.

The story behind the light


Overall design concept

The initial brief from the interior designer of Muza Lab was to create a classical lighting, a chandelier which would echo the venue’s tradition and grandeur, and would stand as an icon of the hotel.


Design story

“The inspiration comes from the wavy lines of Calla flowers. The chandelier created by several flower shapes becomes a dynamic bouquet which welcomes every guest that enters and gives them a unique experience,” says the designer Denisa Lukáčová.



The chandelier from brushed nickel is complemented with hand-blown glass of opal colour. Overall 128 glass components had to be made. Each one is hand made original and still they look alike. Despite the main part of the chandelier is made of metal, the glass components, each bigger than A4 format, are quite impressive.

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tana dvorakova_f_2048.jpg

Táňa Dvořáková

I take my inspiration primarily from nature and the world of the Orient, and my work shows characteristics of jewelry-like decors.


Denisa Lisík Lukáčová


Ludmila Žilková

While creating, there is no space for NO.


Jana Růžičková

I have always liked the simplicity of minimalism and this style is reflected in my designs. Glass is a magical material and a great medium to work with – always challenging, but always bringing new experiences.

katerina handlova_f_2048.jpg

Kateřina Handlová

I find beauty in precise craftsmanship, in perfect details, and in the glass-making  tradition. I am also inspired by Asian cultures, the world of haute couture, film, and science. I love glass for its unique character which brings with it numerous problems, but also a number of advantages and unique possibilities. But mostly I love it for its singular beauty, not present in any other material.