Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise

Stories can travel far and wide, and spread their wings over distant regions. So did the story of Simurgh, the mythological bird, who appeared in glass form in St. Regis, one of Kazachstan´s best 5* hotels.



The mythological bird of magnificent size and beauty served as the source of inspiration for the glass-art installations designed by Petra Krausová in hotel’s pre-function area. The art-piece gives the impression of layered feathers on wings of birds. The overall captures phases of movement in the flight of a bird of prey.


Floating Wings

Talented designer Libor Sošťák layered simple elements into larger whole. His pieces in the lobby and above the staircase are inspired by a bird wing, observed in the gradual phases of its flowing motion. It is fashioned from a single layer of elements, and is reminiscent of a distant migratory bird floating, as if suspended, in the wide-open sky.

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Libor Sošťák

Generally speaking, experimentation is the basis for all my work. I like to combine the idiosyncratic. I like to join history with the future. The goal is not just the product itself, but also the entire process which leads up to it.


Petra Sošťáková

I combine innovation with tradition.