The concept of Steigenberger Hotel focuses on a sense of German hospitality, complete with a breakfast bakery and beer garden. Yet all this comes in a luxury package combining cutting technologies and stylish design that can be best described as restrained and sophisticated. Lasvit's installations assisted in establishing a reassuring balance of traditional quality and contemporary luxury.



This bespoke installation blends the traditional with the contemporary in all its aspects – concept, design and manufacturing techniques. The installation consists of five separate and distinctive conically shaped units, carrying their light-source inside. Its diamond shaped design references the vintage feel of functionalist restraint, allowing an installation that enhances the surrounding decor.

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Libor Sošťák

Generally speaking, experimentation is the basis for all my work. I like to combine the idiosyncratic. I like to join history with the future. The goal is not just the product itself, but also the entire process which leads up to it.