Glass Tube

Glass Tube

Much like the tube intersects the perfectly arranged grid of streets in New York City, the glass tubes intersect the air in the residential building at 551 West 21st Street in Chelsea. The fragile lighting finds harmony between simple geometrical forms and the circulation of the surrounding air.



In cooperation with Foster and Partners, Ludmila Žilková created a piece inspired by the geometry of circles arranged in hexagonal symmetry. “Bringing this geometry into the 3D space creates a multifaceted glass flower,” says Žilková.

The story behind the light


Facts and figures

The more than seven-meter-long sculpture consists of 1647 optical glass components arranged in the shape of a chandelier. The components cut from clear glass are illuminated by 36 LED lights.


Light in space

The full 462 kilograms of weight are hung from an area on the ceiling which is just about one meter in diameter.


551 W 21 Street, New York

The residential tower is right in the heart of the Chelsea Arts District, the center of the international art market and home to more than 200 galleries.

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Ludmila Žilková

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