The lobby of the Farah Hospital in Amman beats with life. As blood brings oxygen to each cell of the body and hope fills the hearts of patients, the installation fills the hall of the medical center with glass beauty and shine.


Red Blood Cells

"Hospitals are often seen as a place associated with fear and negative emotions which comes down to the sight of blood. This installation presents blood as a beautiful life-giving fluid pulsing through being,” describes the designer Denisa Lukáčová.


Microscopic Beauty

The designer was inspired by the special biconcave shape of red blood cells, one of the key elements of blood. You can admire its aesthetics in the Farah Hospital without having to use a microscope.


Red Blood

The installation is composed of 400 individually crafted glass components from hand-blown glass. Each of them shines in bright red colors.

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Denisa Lisík Lukáčová