Enthrall your Senses

Enthrall your Senses

A dance of light and glass pearls brightens up the lobby of the Post Oak Hotel at Uptown Houston. The exterior is made of limestone, granite, and marble while the interior is adorned by mesmerizing Bohemian crystal which makes the hotel visually enthralling in every sense.


With Lavishing Crystal Drops

Upon entering the tower’s lobby, a grand chandelier laced with myriad crystals greets the guests. This three-story installation, designed by Libor Sošťák, was inspired by the opulence of an Oscar-worthy necklace.


Leaf is in the Air

The post oak tree symbolizes strength and boundless perseverance. LASVIT designers Luděk Hroch and Mária Hostinová-Čulenová captured the spirit of this tree in the form of a lighting installation. Adorned with components of clear and amber hues, the installation gives a truly powerful impression in the VIP areas.


Put a Ring on It

Twelve rings are levitating below the ballroom ceiling. All of them are covered in a variety of components including nearly sixteen thousand crystal prisms – components that shine brighter than a diamond. Each piece throws beautiful colors of the rainbow spectrum onto surrounding walls and surfaces.

The story behind the light



The elements of nature and vibrant gardens are the very essence of the chandelier’s design.


A Word from the Designer

"The installation bears the symbolism of both the innumerable sand grains and of countless water drops. The centerpiece has the dynamic shape of the spiral, which always creates a dense volume,” says designer Libor Sošťák.



Exactly 15,719 glass bubbles and organic shapes were handblown to fill the space of the lobby with their tender beauty. The whole construction carries 1428 LED lights and 738 delicate crystal balls from Swarovski which hang towards the end of each wire.


A Luxurious Experience

“Each of these Bohemian crystal glass components captures light in an enchanting way, enlivens the lobby, and sets the stage for the rest of the luxurious hotel experience,” says Gail McCleese, the Interior Design Director of Gensler, who traveled to the Lasvit factory based in Czechia to oversee the creation of this breathtaking chandelier.

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Libor Sošťák

Generally speaking, experimentation is the basis for all my work. I like to combine the idiosyncratic. I like to join history with the future. The goal is not just the product itself, but also the entire process which leads up to it.