Monte Carlo’s THIRTY NINE is a prestigious private lifestyle club focused on the well-being of body and soul. Three floors feature a combination of wellness, fitness, nourishment, education and a space for personal growth. A luxurious version of the ancient roman bath house.

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The club’s interiors are supervised solely by the legendary London-based design studio Morpheus, which has approached Lasvit to create a dominant lighting piece for THIRTY NINE. The challenging task was entrusted to the designer Petra Krausova, who found the inspiration in the princess Grace of Monaco.

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The American actress Grace Kelly, who became the Princess Grace of Monaco, is a loved and respected symbol of the enchanting principality of Monaco. It was clear from the beginning that Grace will be the one to shine the light into these rooms. It was her wedding bouquet that sparked our imagination. Once we saw its photo, our direction got crystal clear.

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