Time of glass

Time of glass

Among many luxury pieces in one of the most famous watch store in Dubai Mall shines one Czech gem – the “Cyclops” chandelier made by LASVIT. The myriad clear, gold and green components rain from the ceiling through two floors of the shop, nestled in the very heart of the store.



Inspired by the cyclops – a tiny piece of sapphire crystal affixed just over the date window, designer Maria Čulenová created magnificent chandelier with a modern twist.


Window to time

“The inspiration for this installation was the most basic element of a wristwatch, a lens - that is actually a window to time. The resulting installation is about snapping and freezing time, and using that momentum to experience the moment to its fullest,” says Čulenová.


Perspective difference

The refraction of light from the lenses of the different designs and surface finishes based on the green color creates a voluminous structure which changes according to the perspective from which the visitor looks at it.

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Mária Čulenová-Hostinová

I am inspired by the pulse of life and the people which surround me. I also draw energy from music, which constitutes a large part of my work. The sky is the limit!