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Lasvit at Fuorisalone 2024

Palazzo Isimbardi, Corso Monforte, 35, 20122 Milano

Lasvit Unveils Monumental Outdoor Glass Installation at Milan Design Week

We are introducing the exhibition "Re/Creation" taking place at Palazzo Isimbardi during the Fuorisalone 2024. Visit us from 16th-21st April 2024 and witness a monumental outdoor fused glass installation, showcasing the innovative approach to design, architecture, and glassmaking.




We are introducing fused glass for architecture. The only glassmaking technique that requires you to do very little to create something big. The essence of fused glass lies in letting go. Extremely hot melted glass is gently coaxed to relax, spread, and naturally take the shape of a specially designed form, guided solely by its weight and the subtle pull of gravity. Similarly, a creative mind is most prolific and innovative when relaxed and free of everyday pressures and demands.


Escape everyday creative pressures, high expectations, and practical issues to find inspiration in Re/Creation – a space that encourages you to let go. Fused glass is just one of the innovative glassmaking techniques Lasvit showcases at Re/Creation. In the serene embrace of Palazzo Isimbardi, we set up a sanctuary for creative escapism, a peaceful retreat amid the hustle and bustle of Milan's Salone week. Re/Creation is designed as a haven where minds are free to wander, inspired by the fluid grace of molten glass, inviting visitors to... do nothing.

Porta by Maxim Velcovsky

Aiming to redefine the relationship between glass and architecture, the centerpiece of Re/Creation is an installation designed by Lasvit’s Art Director Maxim Velcovsky. Entitled Porta, the monumental piece employs Lasvit’s unique expertise in artisanal glass for architecture as it showcases the various facets of fused glass. Crafted in Europe’s largest glass kiln, this installation is a display of technical prowess and an illustration of the brand’s capabilities in terms of size and variability, whilst ensuring precision and creativity that meet the rigorous demands of architectural projects. 


Bois de Cristal by Maria Culenova

"Bois de Cristal" by Lasvit Senior Designer Maria Culenova showcases innovation through a blend of materials like folded plywood, copper, and textured fused glass, accented with custom LED lighting. This modular design concept draws inspiration from the dense jungle, its modules reminiscent of the intertwining lianas that weave through the forest canopy. With 18 arms extending like lianas, "Bois de Cristal" is designed to transform and illuminate spaces, embodying an homage to the natural world's intricate patterns and light.

Nebula by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Entitled Nebula, Lasvit’s 2024 lighting collection debut designed by studio Claesson Koivisto Rune, draws inspiration from the radiant expanses of space where stars originate. Available in Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold finishes and offering a choice between ceiling lamp and two sizes of table lamps, this collection merges the elegance of borosilicate glass with the reflective beauty of a metal coating. This partnership between Lasvit and Claesson Koivisto Rune epitomizes the blend of minimalist Scandinavian design with an innovative approach to handcraftsmanship.

Neverending Glory by Jan Plechac & Henry Wielgus

Limited Edition: La Scala Gold

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Neverending Glory collection, Lasvit unveils a gold edition of the La Scala chandelier in a limited release of 100 pieces. This edition honors the collection's global acclaim for its elegance and craftsmanship, inspired by the opulence of famous opera houses. The golden La Scala enhances spaces with timelessness and sophistication, marking a decade of design excellence.

Lasvit at Milan Design Week

Address: Corso Monforte, 35, 20122 Milano


Opening Hours: Tuesday 16 April – Saturday 20 April, 10am-7pm. Sunday 21 April, 10am-3pm


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