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Martin Gallo

I am a seeker... I am always searching for the most precise but unexpected intersection of the beauty, function and your desire!


St. Regis Hotel

St. Regis Hotel

Jakarta, 2022Indonesia

Quick Bio

Martin Gallo is a designer currently based in our Dubai office. Martin studied industrial design at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava and the Czech Technical University in Prague. During his studies, he received the Josef Hlavka Award for the best students of Czech universities. After graduation, his work focused mainly on product and trophy design. What Martin appreciates about working at Lasvit is the broad scope and the multitude of technically challenging projects between engineering and art. He is fascinated by the optical properties of glass, such as caustics, reflection, and refraction of light. To him, they are not only an exciting physics phenomenon but also a source of miraculous light effects.