An Oasis of Light  and Sound

An Oasis of Light and Sound

Welcome to Jakarta. Plunge right into the hustle and bustle of Indonesia's vibrant capital. And when the time comes to slow down, accept our invitation to discover the St. Regis Jakarta where light and sound dance in unison and transform moments of the outside into special memories.


Capturing Indonesia's Essence

The St. Regis Jakarta was designed as a sanctuary for the soul, drawing on the rich cultural heritage of Indonesia. The hotel is very much a celebration of Indonesian music and art, offering sophisticated spaces for conversations, meetings, and celebrations. Embracing music and performance as a catalyst for personal experience, LASVIT created an ambitious dynamic installation – Sound of Light – which responds to musical compositions written by renowned composer Andi Rianto specially for the hotel.


Story behind the Space


Where the Hectic Tumbles Down…

Right in the hustle and bustle of Indonesia's vibrant capital, Lasvit created a serene, harmonious oasis which soothes the senses. The installation Sound of Light combines 1 192 pieces of Bohemian crystal glass with dynamic lighting effects that enhance and underline the rhythm of the themes played on the piano in the hotel lobby.


… and Memories Crystallize

Petra Junová, the installation’s author, explains: “It was an honor to work on such a fantastic project in Jakarta, a city that is very close to my heart. We wanted to create a sanctuary of tranquility in midst of the bumptious megalopolis. Sound of Light is an art piece that responds to the music and creates a cozy and peaceful atmosphere in the lobby. At the same time, it is a very complex contemporary glass installation.”


A Synergy of Human Creativity and Expertise

Behind the ephemeral appearance of the entire sculpture is the expertise of Lasvit’s in-house specialists working at various levels – from glass manufacturing through programming to wiring. Especially the complex electrical system was a challenge, as fully functional cables had to be introduced into every single component separately while remaining invisible to the visitors’ eyes. In total, 10 km of cabling was used, ingeniously concealed in a subtle gold-colored metallic construction.


One Hotel, Three Bohemian Glass Tributes

In addition to the main piece placed in the lobby, Lasvit designed two more bespoke installations: the first one, inspired by the shape of a saxophone, complements the jazz bar, while the second one pays homage to the volcanic relief of Indonesia and illuminates the ballroom.

007_Lasvit_St Regis_Jakarta_13SG013_Photo_2022_low.jpg

Follow the Rhythm of Java Jazz

The St. Regis Jakarta celebrates the everyday by creating a space for all generations and diverse social events. As such, the hotel invites its guests to spend some time listening to music in a refined jazz club. The glass installation, produced by Lasvit, is reminiscent of saxophone flaps and delicately lights up the central bar, inducing a vibrant mood.

002_Lasvit_St Regis_Jakarta_20SG027_Photo_2022_low.jpg

A Celebration of the Local Landscape

The installation in the ballroom measures a total forty meters across. Its author Martin Gallo drew inspiration from the hidden connection between the spectacular landscape of Indonesia and Czech crystal glass itself – both precious and perfect in their own way, both born in an explosion of energy hot enough to melt stone. Both endlessly intriguing.


A Theatre of Memories, a Temple of Reflection

The hotel features works of the most promising up-and-coming artists, curators, and art visionaries. Rajawali Property Group teamed up with Lasvit to create an atmosphere of great subtlety, with care and attention paid to every detail. The bespoke lighting fixtures may symbolize a sound of hope, a light at the end of the tunnel, or a teaser to better days ahead, and provide inspiration for the vision of rejuvenating tourism in the country after the recent pandemic.

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Petra Junová

I enjoy watching strange, unusual, natural, and physical phenomena. And I love working them into my designs.

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Martin Gallo

I am a seeker... I am always searching for the most precise but unexpected intersection of the beauty, function and your desire!