Dancing Leaves ICONS – eternal shine of the autumn leaves


Dancing Leaves” is one of the most famous LASVIT´s designs. The idea was a sculpture evoking the dancing leaves blown into the interior from the trees out front of the building.

„The design concept is based on leaves in the wind, floating and eventually flying away,“ says the designer Luděk Hroch.

Each shape of the installation is set from dozens of meticulously rendered glass components, each one sculpted and refined by a master glassmaker. It comes in two color options. In each version, there are clear components, as well as ‘soda’ ones (meaning little bubbles are captured inside the component), but the rest is up to you – the leaves can be in dark amber or light amber arrangement.

Explore Dancing Leaves ICON

Dancing Leaves ICON comes in nine different standardizations.

There are two versions of leaves arranged in a round shape.

Three versions in the oval shape …..

….and four in cone shape.

ICON origins

The Dancing Leaves design concept was first introduced as part of the project for the Peninsula Paris Hotel in 2014.

The shape of the components became really popular among the clients and Dancing Leaves, which get their name from the design’s original inspiration in nature, have been used in several projects around the world since then.

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