Meet Constellation — Lighting Stars Searching for Universal Stories

As a second novelty at Milan's Design Week, Lasvit presented a whole cluster of lighting stars designed by the award-winning architect David Rockwell. These new "stars" in Lasvit's collections were also presented at the famous International Contemporary Furniture Fair known as ICFF in the US. The Constellation collection was displayed at the very same place that inspired David Rockwell to create this collection, namely Grand Central.


Look above and observe Constellation.

If you live in New York City, you have probably seen the iconic ceiling mural at Grand Central Terminal as many times as David Rockwell has. It is a shimmering night sky and a celestial landscape interpreted as a unique piece of art. And what if you could have starlight in your living room? 


Each piece of the lighting collection designed by David Rockwell is named after a recognizable constellation - Ursa Minor (also known as Little Bear), Cassiopeia, Tri Star (also known as Orion's Belt), Polaris, and Gemini. The lighting incorporates glass-domed light points connected by a metal structure, just like a star chart.



"Each lighting fixture serves a dual function: to dazzle the eye as a focal point and to unify any setting in which it is placed," says David Rockwell about the design.


Two constellations inspired the ceiling lights - Cassiopeia and Ursa Minor. Cassiopeia features five circular illuminated glass domes that mimic the distinctive "W" formation, while Ursa Minor is composed of seven illuminated glass domes. Both lightings illuminate the ceiling, creating a small private observatory.


Lamps with "Levitating" Light


There are two lamps in the set. The inspiration for the floor lamp was Polaris - the brightest star of the Ursa Minor constellation, which used to serve as a guidepost for navigation for centuries.



This lamp stands tall and is crowned with a singular yet two-sided domed light source at the top, which shines with the same intensity across 360 degrees, giving the impression that the light is levitating in space.


The small-scale version of the floor lamp is named Gemini - a twin to Polaris, as if they were born to complement each other in visual unison.


Stellar Wallsconces 


The stellar collection is completed by two wall sconces, Tri Star and Cassiopeia. The Tri Star wallsconce is reminiscent of Orion's Belt, featuring three illuminated glass domes of different sizes connected by metalwork.



The Cassiopeia constellation is also depicted as a large sculptural wall sconce that creates a dramatic presentation on the wall, much like a statement artwork. The collection has been developed as a versatile design system and is also available in custom configurations.


Lifting up Spaces Together


Lasvit has a long-standing partnership with David Rockwell, Founder and President of the Rockwell Group, so he knew that Lasvit would bring its expertise and passion into the process.



"What defined this collaboration for me was the sheer passion their team of experts took in their craft and the joy of creation we shared at each step in the process. I think that enthusiasm is evident in every piece of this collection," he adds.


Lasvit and Rockwell Group have previously cooperated on hospitality projects in the USA. Check out how Czech glass and light "lifted" spaces at Equinox Hudson Yards Hotel, and Peak Restaurant and Events Hudson Yards.

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