Meet Cloud - Our Way to Connect through the Light

28/04/2023 | Author: Lasvit

At the 2023 Milan Design Week, Lasvit unveiled the new dynamic lighting installation created by Maxim Velčovský. The piece became a highlight of Lasvit’s stand, attracting numerous visitors to the renowned fair. Look above and watch the “Cloud.”

Since the beginning of time, humans have always looked above to watch the clouds. Clouds have traveled through the sky and, in a way, connected all people who looked at them. Nowadays, this connectivity has a whole new meaning.


Cloud is a means to store and share pieces of our lives, to connect us in a new way. Lasvit’s Art Director Maxim Velčovský was inspired by clouds, both natural and technical, and created the lighting installation exploring both.


"In today’s sense, the cloud is a symbol of communication and the flow of information that runs through optical fibers. The piece is a kind of luminous object, a paraphrase of a chandelier. You can have different information or technology in that cloud and interact with it in various ways. It emits scent and light, and it can absorb and work with information," explains Velčovský the story behind the installation.


Playfulness of Lighting


Even though the object is four meters long, it is still a playful interpretation of a traditional chandelier. Cloud features hundreds of meters of optic fibers that emerge from the installation and pulsate with light, creating the impression that the piece is alive.


Velčovský likes to take everyday objects, natural phenomena, or nature itself as inspiration. Previously, he created a collection of products with Lasvit inspired by ice "Frozen" and fire "Volcano". In addition to this, as a creative director, he has designed many lighting projects around the world.


His last piece "Cloud" was the centerpiece of Lasvit’s presentation at Euroluce, entitled "It All Comes from Above." Clouds, sky, and stars all posed as an inspiration for the lighting debuts presented in Milan in the second week of April 2023. We will be gradually presenting you with all of them. Stay tuned.