Sir Paul Smith Organised a “Monster Ball” in His Flagship Store

Published 27 Aug 2018

The style of acclaimed British designer Sir Paul Smith is all about mixing classic with unexpected. “I am still curious today. I always pride myself on being childlike. What I mean by that is being curious, asking questions, having a very open mind, a very free mind,” said Paul Smith in one interview. Maybe that’s why, from September 6th – 28th, he decided to throw a Monster Ball in his prestigious fashion flagship store in Mayfair.

The knighted fashion master himself introduced thirteen monsters to his flagship store in the centre of the City. Among them BHSD made by Dutch talent Maarten Baas, a Martian designed by Czech design legend René Roubíček, or Outer Space Monsters from the Brazilian creative duo Campana Brothers. The dance will be chaperoned by Raja Schwan-Reichmann’s Tanzlaubenhund and the company will be made complete by Rombo monsters, designed by Alessandro Mendini.

This is the first time the Monsters will appear after their introduction at this year’s Milan Design Week. At the design event of the year, held in the Italian metropolis of style, they reaped great success and contributed to LASVIT receiving the main design award, which was awarded to the company for their Monster Cabaret show, staged at the Teatro Gerolamo.


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