The Beauty of Bohemian Glass is Lighting Up the Ocean


Even the deep blues of the sea deserve the brilliance of Bohemian glass, traditional craftsmanship, and a fresh breeze of innovative ideas.

Do you want to see the interiors of the Majestic Princess, which leaves no one guessing as to the true status of this Princess of the seas?  The cyan blue lighting installation in the ship’s main hall directly reflects the wide expanses of the ocean.

Do you want to peek into the Royal Princess Cruise Ship – a ship that was christened by the Duchess of Cambridge herself? Once onboard the Royal Princess, you are carried away by the depths of the ocean blue beneath your feet and the waves of the sea surface.

Or would you like to explore the true pearl of the seas – the Motor Yacht GO? Her bold turquoise hull draws attention in each port she drops anchor, and her exterior is just as stunningly beautiful as her interior. Carrying a beautiful crystal glow wherever she goes, this impressive vessel has been ploughing the waves of the ocean since 2018.

Which ever of the above, check out our new NAUTICAL portfolio in the projects section of our website and embark on a new journey with the beauty of glass on board!