Bridging Design and Nature: Lasvit’s Touch in TransPerfect HQ

Just steps away from the iconic Empire State Building, NoMad Tower now features a mesmerizing waterfall glass installation with dynamic lighting. Commissioned by TransPerfect for their HQ within the tower, we set forth to transform the office ambiance. 

Lasvit's designer Jana Růžičková drew inspiration from the vertical cascades and subtle aesthetics of natural waterfalls. Navigating the narrow confines and the stark office aesthetic, Jana's vision culminated in a lighting installation spanning over eight meters in height, crafted from clear wave glass and built around LED displays that project various water-themed scenarios. 



For the first time, Lasvit integrated LED screens with projection techniques to heighten the sensory experience of the installation. "Our main projection revolves around the theme of falling water, but we've incorporated a variety of aquatic moods, such as ocean waves and sunrays reflecting in the water," Jana explains, leading to the apt naming of the piece—H20. 


Craftsmanship & Technical Brilliance by Lasvit 


Surrounding the LED screens are vast vertical slump glass sheets, fashioned to mimic the cascading water. Lasvit's team achieved a unique texture on the glass using a 3D printed hand roller, a tool developed in-house. This monumental artwork comprises 140 of these slump glass sheets.



Tipping the scales at 2,500 kg, this monumental artwork comprises 140 individual glass components, all animated by dynamic LED screen displays. 


Precision Installation: A Lasvit Specialty   


A notable challenge during installation was the venue's all-glass staircase. Ensuring its preservation, the team crafted custom scaffolding tailored to fit within the staircase—showcasing meticulous planning and execution in mounting the installation. 



With Lasvit's glass art creation, TransPerfect's Headquarters at NoMad Tower stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of nature's beauty and contemporary design, offering an oasis amidst New York City's vibrant landscape. 


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