Art Therapy

Art Therapy

Looking for something to calm you down? The hi-tech lighting installation in Burjeel Medical City known as “Art of Healing” draws images into the sand pool below. Take a look at this giant jewel of an artwork, calm down and focus on its elegant beauty.


An Ancient Invention

This exclusive installation which stands 16 meters tall draws the visitors’ eyes with its exceptional aesthetic and kinetic functions. 300 crystal pipes rise above the drawing point. Each glass component has its own light source, so both the installation and the drawing beneath it are fully illuminated.


The Sand Pendulum

There are three engines connected to the pen-like structure from three different sides. They move with the whole installation, allowing it to draw into the sand below.

The story behind the light


Nomads drawing into the sand

Since humanity learned to write, the whole world has become a canvas. While scholars used splayed bulrush, ink and papyrus, nomads in the desert got along just fine with a stick and sand. Since then, we have had the tool and the skill to express ourselves in the world or painting and penmanship.


The healing power of art

Looking at the giant piece of jewel as it draws images into the sand pool can help one calm down and, at least for a moment, focus on the beauty that’s being born at that very moment, before the picture is swept away and a new one starts to be drawn.


History meets modern technology

The technological sophistication of LASVIT’s team created an original, 16-metre-high installation. Three engines are connected to the pen-like structure from three different sides, moving with the whole installation and drawing figures into the sand beneath.


Painting with 300 shining crystals

The Art Therapy installation contains 300 crystal tubes making up the pendulum’s body. In this project, LASVIT uses drawing for the very first time. The computer-programmed feature draws images into the sand.


Keep calm and do art therapy

We believe beauty makes our lives better. Watching such an outstanding piece, one where an artwork creates another artwork by painting pictures in the sand, makes one think more about the bright side of life.

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Wanda Valihrachová

I emphasize that each component is an original and hand-made piece with its own imperfections. I work under the rule that “Imperfection is beauty.“