Bold interior screen

Bold interior screen

Impasto is a visually impactful glass wall full of vibrant shapes and colors which takes its name from the classic painting technique of post-Impressionist artists. Its extraordinary ability to reflect light adds a dash of expression to any space.


LASVIT Art Walls

LASVIT Art Walls offer an abundance of styles that can be combined to create the best-fitting designs for hotels, restaurants, private residences, modern yachts, office spaces, or simply any place that is ready for some artsy vibes. All design concepts are modular either in terms of their size, pattern, color-scheme, or intended interior use as partitions or decorative walls.

The story behind the light


A post-Impressionist idea

The impasto technique, used by post-Impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh and later adopted by the Expressionists, consists of applying the paint in thick dabs to make visible the artist’s paint strokes. And that’s exactly what inspired Impasto’s expressive style.


Flexibility of use

Impasto works both as an expressive design element and a partition screen offering a sense of privacy. The screen can either be fixed floor-ceiling or can be self-standing, depending on its intended function and interior setup.


Create your own shape and look

The desired configuration can be constructed using six types of glass components which vary in shape, height, width and method of fastening (pipe or wire).


Playful color schemes

Impasto exists in ten color options that can be arranged in virtually endless combinations. The color palette includes smoke, gray, dodger blue, violet, purple and an array of striking warm colors: amber, orange, raspberry, burgundy and nude. The colored glass can be paired with either polished or brushed stainless steel, champagne, gold and bronze metal detailing.

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Wanda Valihrachová

I emphasize that each component is an original and hand-made piece with its own imperfections. I work under the rule that “Imperfection is beauty.“