World Superyacht Awards 2018

World Superyacht Awards 2018

Apart from cruise ships and yachts, LASVIT also created the World Superyacht Award 2018. The most prestigious gongs in superyacht design, engineering and construction had a striking design. Rugged lines resembling the face of Poseidon, the King of the Seas, were intricately carved into a solid rock of glass.


Wrath of Poseidon

The mythology says: “He smashed the rock of Acropolis with his trident and a spring of salt water spurted out.“ The trophy symbolises this act of coarse creation: a piece of rock with three deep scars made by Poseidon’s famous weapon – the trident.

The story behind the light


Story behind Glass

The designer Wanda Valihrachová wanted to capture Poseidon’s manliness in the trophy inspired by the mythological tale of his battle with the goddess Athena.



A technique known as mould melting was used – a mould made from gypsum and glass sand is put into a kiln, with shards of glass. These slowly melt and are then cooled in a process that takes more than two weeks.


Overall Feeling

The most prestigious gongs in the superyacht world sounded with the strength of the crystal and echoed with the beauty of the sea.

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Wanda Valihrachová

I emphasize that each component is an original and hand-made piece with its own imperfections. I work under the rule that “Imperfection is beauty.“