Light has the potential to embrace us. To create an atmosphere. Space turns into an experience, into a place you do not want to leave. A chandelier, lamp, site-specific light installation or glass for architecture – these are just a few examples of Lasvit’s long-term experience with creating unique spaces. That is why we decided to share them and inspire others.

Spacial Magazine will guide you through residences, hotels, restaurants and bars around the world. It will present the thinking of renowned designers and architects, for whom light is the foundation of their work and, moreover, it will open the farthest corners of the glass factory in North Bohemia.

Each piece created by Lasvit is touched by a number of hands and is patiently developed for months in advance. Tradition meets contemporaneity and pushes the border of Bohemian glass. On these pages we will present the philosophy of production and reveal an exclusive view, not only on the phenomenon of light, but also on the work and background of designers, who are part of the Lasvit family. Because light is our mission. Spacial Magazine. Where space and light become one.


Awe, elation and rapture. These are all short-lived experiences. They only last for a moment but they will make your pulse race for weeks. These stimuli invigorate you and take your mind off reality. In the second issue of Spacial magazine, powered by Lasvit, we explore various aspects of the Marvel theme under the patronage of leading architect and designer Kengo Kuma. What do people get excited about? What arouses their curiosity and how do they overcome the seemingly impossible, and can only monumental works cause big feelings? Join us on this exploration in the second issue of Spacial magazine.


A home is more than just a foundation, four walls and a roof. A home is a state of mind. It’s also a term, the meaning of which has significantly changed in recent years. In the premier issue of Spacial Magazine, part of Lasvit Editions, we explore this theme from various perspectives. How do people relate to their privacy and surroundings? How does it differ from just any space and which roles do uniqueness, symbolism or craft play? We discussed this with George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, leading interior designers in New York. We also had an open dialog with the Campana Brothers who have been part of the Lasvit design family since 2016. In this issue, you will also find a portrait of Vladimír Kopecký, the glass artist, professor and poet who recently celebrated his 90th birthday. His expressive painting on glass surfaces is perceived as a controversial attack on a valuable material.