Legendary Japanese Architect Kengo Kuma explores the theme Marvel, in the second issue of Spacial magazine

06/03/2023 | Author: Lasvit

Awe, elation and rapture. These are all short-lived experiences. They only last for a moment but will make your pulse race for weeks. These stimuli invigorate you and take your mind off reality. In the second issue of Spacial magazine, powered by Lasvit, we explore various aspects of the Marvel theme under the patronage of leading architect and designer Kengo Kuma. What do people get excited about? What arouses their curiosity and how do they overcome the seemingly impossible, and can only monumental works invigorate big feelings? Join us on this exploration in the second issue of Spacial magazine, out now.

The Personality of the Issue and its patron is the legendary architect Kengo Kuma. Read our interview with him, where we discuss monumentality (of objects and feelings), creating atmosphere, Kuma's love for nature, and the importance of textures and sharing. The magazine also features an inspiring interview with the award-winning Ukrainian designer Victoria Yakusha. Designer Jan Plechac opened the door to his studio to tell us about his creative process. Read our In the Studio with Jan Plechac here



The magazine opens with an essay on Kafka and a rare aspect of his work – a sense of Wonder when looking at the night sky. Artistic collages of David Rockwell's Constellation collection are the accompanying visuals to this remarkable piece. Lasvit is a pioneer in the use of artisanal glass for architecture. The article Draped in a Translucent Gown explores the possibilities Lasvit’s techniques allow for.



The magazine features some of Lasvit's most recent projects, such as St Regis Jakarta, Cartier Geneve, Herbarium in a Prague residence, and Borislavka. We also have an article showcasing the most incredible projects Lasvit created. Make sure to catch an insightful story on the Symboll collection exploring the role mycelium plays in culture as well as nature. We also recommend our interview with Marek Effmert, Lasvit's celebrated glassmaker, who often works behind the scenes but is a true magician of glass and the hidden star of our projects. Last but not least, we would like to point out the Legend of the issueBorek Sipek, artist, architect, designer, and to this day, one of the spiritual fathers of Lasvit and Ajeto glassworks. 



Each piece created by Lasvit is touched by a number of hands and is patiently developed for months. On the pages of Spacial magazine, we present the philosophy of Lasvit’s production and give an exclusive access, not only on the phenomenon of light but also on the work and background of designers who are part of the Lasvit family. Because light is our mission. Spacial Magazine. Where space and light become one.

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