Meet Florescence — Lifelike Flowers Shining on the Wall

Lasvit is delighted to introduce a new design concept, created by the valued member of its design team, Martin Gallo. Inspired by flowers and the positive impact plants have on humans, Gallo has created this striking lighting concept which has rapidly become one of the draws of Lasvit’s presentation at Salone del Mobile: Euroluce this April.



Join us in cherishing the dynamic glass light installation Florescence.

Observing flowers is known to stimulate dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin levels, the hormones of happiness, and Gallo aimed to enhance this effect with his design concept. 


Florescence was created as a dynamic wall installation, appearing like shining art with the power to change the ambiance of the space, depending on the chosen program. The design concept follows organic shapes of flowers as well as glass.





The installation can be programmed to create dynamic, playful maps of lights and shadows, creating an illusion of blossoming flowers right on the wall.


Caustic Phenomenon: Harnessing Light's Fluid Dance




This visual spectacle leverages the fascinating natural phenomenon known as “caustic.” Have you ever observed the dance of light on the seabed beneath the water surface? That's the caustic effect. More specifically, it's the bending of light by a curved object, in this case – glass.


"Thanks to light, glass can bloom like a flower, and expand its shape in space," says Gallo.




Florescence is a customizable, modular wall-mounted glass installation, adaptable to the spatial requirements.


Martin Gallo is a member of the Lasvit design team and the co-author of the lighting installations in one of Lasvit's most recent projects - St. Regis Jakarta in Indonesia.

St. Regis Hotel

Jakarta, 2022