Lasvit's Piece of Jewelry Lights up La Mamounia’s Centennial Celebrations

The legendary La Mamounia Hotel unveiled newly refurbished spaces this October to celebrate its 100th anniversary. We've introduced three ambitious hand-crafted lighting pieces there, including an installation inspired by traditional Berber jewelry.

In collaboration with the French studio Jouin Manku, these new lights are a tribute to Moroccan heritage infused with global elegance. From the chandelier in the lobby to the tapestry-evoking light installations in Bar Majorelle, every nook and cranny of La Mamounia radiates a subtle charm. 


A Grand Berber Tribute in the Lobby 


For the lobby, an ambiance of grandiosity was evident. Jouin Manku's vision materialized as "Le Chandelier du Centenaire", a monumental installation suspended majestically in the lobby less than a meter above the ground. This chandelier pays tribute to Moroccan arts, traditions, and notably, Berber femininity, drawing profound inspiration from traditional Berber necklaces. 



Glass components, reminiscent of beads on a vibrant red string, are each hand-blown and intricately shaped in Lasvit’s Czech glassworks, reflecting the beauty of Czech crystal. Accompanied by authentic Berber silver pendants, these beads emphasize the installation's cultural resonance. The entire ensemble symbolizes Lasvit’s dedication to detail and Jouin Manku’s passion for narrative-driven designs. 



Bar Majorelle: A Tapestry of Light and Oriental Tribute 


Stepping into the Bar Majorelle is like entering a realm where light and heritage waltz in harmony. The bar was named after famous French orientalist painter and Marrakech lover, Jacques Majorelle and the bar's interior design is a heartfelt tribute to this enchanting city. 



Lasvit and Jouin Manku adorn the space with two lighting installations. The first, named "Petals," serves as a unique wall light. These hand-blown glass petals in opulent gold and sage green hues are ingeniously sandwiched between a mirror and engraved glass giving the impression of shining tapestry. When illuminated, they cast an enchanting golden aura, transforming the bar's ambiance. 


Adding a contemporary twist is the Prism installation on the bar. These triangular glass pieces, specifically crafted to break light into a spectrum are attached right to the bar, adding a touch of modernity, making every drink a visually immersive experience. 



A Legacy of Craftsmanship and Collaboration 


This recent venture builds upon a prior collaboration between Lasvit and Jouin Manku in 2020. Back then, portions of La Mamounia underwent a renovation, with the Tea Room and Italian restaurant featuring their shared design visions. Their combined expertise have seamlessly intertwined tales of light, shadow, and heritage into La Mamounia's essence. 



The collaboration between Lasvit and Jouin Manku highlights the magic that emerges when designers come together. From their world-renowned projects for Michelin-starred chef Alain Ducasse's restaurant in the Morpheus building in Macau (2018) to the private Mayfair Residences London complex (2017), their partnership has redefined already ten spaces with elegance and innovation. 

Alain Duccase at Morpheus Hotel

Macau, 2018

La Mamounia

Marrakech, 2020