Spacial Magazine: Exploring Journeys in Design and Light

As the new year begins, Lasvit is excited to present the third issue of Spacial magazine. This edition explores various journeys, from creative evolutions and shifts in perspectives or through the lens of travel.

Venture northward with us to the Swedish atelier of Claesson Koivisto Rune, where they pursuit enduring quality and beauty that withstand time. The designer trio are the patrons of the issue. 


Our cover story celebrates a voyage deep into the heart of Czech glassmaking, expanding the common perception of what hand-made glass stands for, as well as illuminating the crossroads where tradition meets sustainability and historical artisanship faces the future. 



Another journey we delve into is that of our Art Director, Maxim Velčovský. The new issue of Spacial takes you behind the scenes of his creative process, revealing how he infuses timeless artifacts with new narratives. Velčovský's artistic voyage is marked with the history of pressed glassware, the charm of old factory paintings, and the unique flair of folk art.


The luminescence of Prague, Europe's gem and the pulsing core of our glassmaking heritage, is mapped out in an unconventional guide to the city, 'A Journey Through the Luminous Charm of Prague.'


Interviews with Design Icons


We also delve into the worlds of design icons. With David Rockwell, we plunge into his architectural marvels, theatrical contributions, and the Constellation lighting collection, a tribute to New York's Grand Central Station, brought to life by Lasvit's craftsmen.



With the daughters of Alessandro Mendini we talked about the legacy of their father, uncover a lineage of Postmodern design and revisit our renewed collaboration.


And with Milena Kling, the creator of one of our most beloved glassware collection Circle, we discussed her aim to turn everyday activities into experiences that please not only the eyes, but also touch and hearing.



This issue also showcases our latest international bespoke glass installations, from the striking red poppies in a historic London Old War Office to the unveiling of a bespoke art installation at the legendary La Mamounia Hotel in Marrakech in celebration of its 100 years.


Months in the making, Spacial magazine meticulously curates Lasvit's philosophy of design, granting exclusive insights into the world of light and the minds behind the designs that make up the Lasvit family.



Stay tuned for Spacial vol.3, soon arrive to our e-shop and select bookshops and concept stores world wide.

Raffles London at OWO

London, 2023

La Mamounia

Marrakech, 2023