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Best athletes celebrate their victory with trophies made by LASVIT

Published 27 Jul 2021

LASVIT created its biggest artwork in Europe – The Iceberg

Published 27 Jul 2021

This year’s Tour de France trophy again made by Czech glassmakers

Published 20 Jul 2021

Stunning renovation of iconic La Mamounia Hotel was a challenge, say the glassmakers

Published 15 Jul 2021

Residences in Asia adorned by the subtle elegance of geometry

Published 28 Jun 2021

LASVIT Art Walls add a new dimension to any space

Published 25 Jun 2021

Shining precious gems adorn Middle Eastern residences

Published 27 May 2021

Coming Full Circle with Milena Kling: New Glass Tumbler & Carafe

Published 21 May 2021

European residences enlightened by the wonders of Nature

Published 7 May 2021

Installations to unfold Maxim Velčovský’s personal obsession

Published 26 Mar 2021

What naturally inspires LASVIT´s Art Director Maxim Velčovský?

Published 17 Mar 2021

Best Creative Director according to Interior Design Magazine: Maxim Velčovský

Published 25 Feb 2021

Art Therapy helps visitors heal in Abu Dhabi hospital

Published 1 Feb 2021

Wishing you bright tomorrows

Published 18 Dec 2020

Look AHEAD! Best hospitality projects soon-to-be revealed

Published 7 Dec 2020

Alice ICON – your home might blossom with visually fragrant glass

Published 24 Nov 2020

Midsummer ICON – a hanging talisman to light

Published 23 Nov 2020

Dancing Leaves ICONS – eternal shine of the autumn leaves

Published 19 Nov 2020

Cipher ICON – your design statement written in glass

Published 10 Nov 2020

Herbarium ICON – a tribute to nature in your living room

Published 9 Nov 2020

ICONS: LASVIT´s signature designs in ready-to-order standardizations

Published 4 Nov 2020

We are the Winner of the Dezeen Awards 2020

Published 23 Oct 2020

LASVIT lights shine bright at the largest Czech design show

Published 7 Oct 2020

Tour de France cyclists were riding hard for our crystal trophies

Published 7 Sep 2020

Make room at the table – new Crystal Rock lamp

Published 15 Jul 2020

Lighting Novelties 2020: cool down with Press Iced

Published 15 Jun 2020

Lighting Novelties 2020: enjoy optical illusions with Globe Metro

Published 15 Jun 2020

Lighting Novelties 2020: touch the fire with Volcano

Published 8 Jun 2020

Lighting Novelties 2020: look into the universe with Spacey

Published 1 Jun 2020

Follow #TheNatureOfLasvit to a field of lighting novelties

Published 18 May 2020

Herbarium: Peek inside the Glass Garden

Published 12 May 2020

Discover the Nature of Glass from its roots

Published 4 May 2020

Shop for Lasvit online with a special launch voucher

Published 2 Aug 2018

The beauty of glass is at your fingertips. Let’s keep inspiring the world

Published 26 Mar 2020

Good Times AHEAD! Best Hospitality Projects in Asia Were Announced

Published 12 Mar 2020

Futuristic K11 MUSEA has its industrial jewel designed by LASVIT

Published 3 Mar 2020

Four Elements Gave Birth to Crystal Dragons Worthy of the Emperor

Published 27 Dec 2019

Customizable lighting in the house. Now everyone can be a co-creator

Published 3 Feb 2020

Wishing you Bright 2020

Published 16 Dec 2019

Sleep & Eat – the Best Selection of Design Lingered in London

Published 12 Nov 2019

De-Lux-Ity Has Reached Dubai. The glass graffiti sparkled above the Just One bar

Published 6 Nov 2019

Crystal Valley – where the Bohemian Crystal Originated

Published 21 Oct 2019

We Experimented with Light and Glass at Designblok 2019

Published 2 Oct 2019

Glass House – LASVIT has the new Headquarters in Nový Bor

Published 25 Jun 2019

Prague was Floodlit by LASVIT’s installation featured at the Signal Festival

Published 1 Oct 2019

We have just launched LASVIT’s career website. Inspire the world with us!

Published 15 Oct 2019

Czech Design Bedazzled Ankara, and LASVIT Was a Part of It

Published 29 Sep 2019

Three of LASVIT’s Lighting Installations were Shortlisted for the Middle East Hospitality Award

Published 18 Sep 2019

LASVIT Designed Glass Trophies for the Best Hospitality Projects

Published 5 Nov 2019

LASVIT at the Light Middle East Awards

Published 8 Oct 2019

The Beauty of Bohemian Glass is Lighting Up the Ocean

Published 25 Sep 2019

Cool Novelties Froze New York‘s Audience in Amazement

Published 13 Sep 2019

The Glass Sonata for Luxury was Composed in Singapore

Published 19 Aug 2019

Giant metal and glass dragons were born. LASVIT’s biggest project is going to be revealed soon

Published 1 Aug 2019

The Cyclists of the Tour de France Vied for LASVIT’s Crystal Trophy

Published 17 Jul 2019

De-Lux-Ity at the World Superyacht Awards 2019

Published 21 May 2019

The Cipher Family Grows Strong

Published 7 May 2019

W’s Were Introduced to Czech Glass. Million of Colours Plays With Light in the W Dubai – The Palm Hotel

Published 29 Apr 2019

The Theory of Light Revealed at Euroluce 2019

Published 9 Apr 2019

Glass Beauty is Swirling Down the Lobby in Recently Opened Five-star Hotel in Dubai

Published 11 Mar 2019

Mush-Room in the House

Published 6 Mar 2019

Discover the Latest Experiments with Light & Glass at Euroluce 2019

Published 1 Mar 2019

Asia´s Design Talents Will Get the Glass Trophy from LASVIT

Published 19 Feb 2019

New Year, New Lights

Published 11 Feb 2019

This Year´s BRIT Awards Are Made by LASVIT

Published 6 Feb 2019

LASVIT Proudly Presents the Collection Chřibská 1414

Published 5 Feb 2019

Yakisugi Won the Wallpaper* Design Award 2019

Published 15 Jan 2019

An Orient Infused Pop-Up Store Enchanted Paris at Maison&Objet

Published 4 Jan 2019

Follow the Steps of Czech Glass to Chřibská Glassworks

Published 18 Dec 2018

The Flow Has Won the Harper’s Bazaar Interior Award 2018

Published 14 Nov 2018

Lasvit’s Glassmakers Breathe New Life Into the Derelict Chřibská Glassworks

Published 13 Nov 2018

LASVIT Glassware in Festive Set-up

Published 18 Dec 2018

LASVIT Helped to Raise Money for Two New Schools in Indonesia

Published 12 Nov 2018

Czech Glass Rains Down in the Hall of the Post Oak Hotel in Houston

Published 12 Nov 2018

Beware of Monsters New York. They Are Coming for You

Published 2 Nov 2018

The Monsters are coming to Prague!

Published 23 Oct 2018

Radek Štěpánek Bid Farewell To His Tennis Career and LASVIT Crowned Him With a Trophy of Glass

Published 22 Oct 2018

Crystal Components Adorn Another Showcar. ŠKODA Vision RS Has Just Premiered in Paris

Published 5 Oct 2018

LASVIT movie premiered in New York at the 10th Architecture & Design Film Festival

Published 1 Oct 2018

Stars Shine on Miami Shores, LASVIT Teamed Up with Yabu Pushelberg Again

Published 5 Sep 2018

The Beauty Landed in London

Published 6 Aug 2018

Sir Paul Smith Organised a “Monster Ball” in His Flagship Store

Published 27 Aug 2018

Tour de France 2018 Is Over, Trophy from LASVIT Shined Again

Published 9 Jul 2018

The Marriage of Purity and Decadence

Published 8 Jun 2018

Lasvit Catalogue Outshined the Best European Creative Minds

Published 5 Jun 2018

Glass Bubbles in the Butterfly Building in Karlin

Published 25 May 2018

A Game of Contrasts in Pompidou Brussels

Published 8 May 2018

Fragile Dandelions Adorn Changi Airport in Singapore

Published 30 Apr 2018

Let’s Be Polarized. Magnetic Arrived to Monaco

Published 30 Apr 2018

Monster Cabaret won design “Oscar” in Milan

Published 19 Apr 2018

Neverending Glory reached to Shanghai

Published 14 Mar 2018

Cruise the Oceans and Admire Glass Beauty at the Same Time

Published 20 Feb 2018

When Olympic Sports Meet Glass and Art

Published 9 Feb 2018

Glass Wings Flies over the Staircase at a Private Residence in Guangzhou

Published 30 Jan 2018

The Story of Glassware Was Told in Paris

Published 25 Jan 2018

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